Sal | 18

Hiya! I'm Sal. I'm Retarded and I am a ginger

Im 18 .I love Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear.

I am in my Freshman year at university. I like to make original characters and write.

I keep Fish - Corydoras , Goldfish , A betta, And a Assassin Snail. I like Bugs and May retweet them .

Please do not follow me if you are under Sixteen , Its nothing Personal

I do not talk about my Mental or Phhysical health in public, but if I am talking about something assume that I can talk about it.

Aquarium Hobby
Arcade Games
Drum Corps/Indoor Percussion
Older Computers / Viruses / Anti-Piracy / Bootlegged Tech
Carousel or Fairground Organs/Player Pianos
Pokémon (esp. shiny hunting!)
Amusement Parks/Fair Rides
The death of brick and mortar / dead malls

I like to have lots of fun all the time